Research laboratory

To ensure a long term success in a competitive market, Dulcofruct‘s main objective is to differentiate from the competitors be constantly optimizing it’s products and services.

Before entering the market all of our “Dulcofruct” brand products are being tested in our own beehives and our partners as well. We are proud of our laboratory equipped with the latest lab equipment necessary for the daily activity, making sure that our every consumed product to meet the highest standards of quality and safety.

All of our products meet the HACCP regulations also our Company is Sanitary-Veterinary and Public Safety approved.Management safety regulations 9001.

Innovation is our core activity from the R&D department of Dulcofruct.

We truly believe that the bees really do deserve a special attention for the important role that they hold in the ecosystem.

We, the R&D team have passion and affection for the bees, this is why everything we are creating is made from the heart.

Our department has a young team that combines the latest technologies with the nutrition solutions for bees adapted to the existent climate factors, which bring high value to the colonies for the developing of effective activities.

We also have the necessary power and knowledge through the R&D department to save the bees from the last years’ dangers.

We share our joy to provide from our experience in bee nutrition with our partners from the country or abroad, organizing on demand online conferences, assuring technical support on how to use Dulcofruct products.

The R&D team therefore answers to partners’ requests for a sustainable development of our collaboration but especially for the growth of beekeeping in general.

We are opened to new opportunities for creating products and waiting for your thoughts and suggestions on

The Dulcofruct company has various partnerships with:

  • ”Banat’s University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine “King Mihai I of Romania” from Timișoara”: Dr. Narcisa Mederle: “Measures for prevention and control in parasitic diseases of bees”;
  • ”The National Institute for Research & Development in Chemistry and Petrochemistry ICECHIM Bucharest”;
  • research & development manager Dr. Prof. Cristian Daniel Popovici;
  • bacteriology specialist Larisa Hărdălău;
  • bee parasitology specialist Dr. M.V. Adrian Balint;
  • food Safety Engineering Bogdan Iordăchescu;
  • various renowned beekeepers in the country and abroad.