Apipollen Substitute

Specially created by the Research and Development department as a substitute for natural pollen, ensuring the qualitative development of bee colonies regardless of weather conditions. It is a complex product with the main advantage of perfectly balanced and tailored ingredients to the needs of the bees, without deficiencies or excesses.

  • Increases queen egg-laying;
  • Increases royal jelly production;
  • Eliminates nutritional stress on honey bees;
  • Rebuilds the protein stock in the body;
  • Aids in the reproduction of queens, foragers, and new colonies;
  • Use where hives are located near monocultures/low-quality pollen;

ApiPollen Substitute in dry state/POWDER:
Place the product in a recipient with orifices that allow the bees circulate. Administer about 700gr ApiPollen Substitute in dry state/bees family, protecting the product from wind and humidity.

ApiPollen Substitute mixed with sugars:
CANDY: Mix 175 gr ApiPollen Substitute/825 gr sugars/carbohydrates (different combinations between honey, HFCS, sugar), at temperatures of up until 40°C. Put the mixted paste in bags on top of the frames.

Other details:
Storage conditions: between 0°C and +30°C.
Shelf life: 12 months

Packaging: 2 kg/bucket, 7 kg/bucket, 700kg/big bag.

Vegetable proteins from soy and yeast, oils rich in oleic acid, vegetable oils: marigold, chamomile, coriander, lovage, lemon grass, artichoke.
Vitamins: Pan Ca, Niacin, A, B1, B12, B2, B9, C, D2, E, B6, D3.
Excipients, probiotic bacteria, citric acid, mineral complex: K, Mg, Zn, P, Na, Cu, Fe, Co, Ca, Mn.
Amino acids: Tryptophan, Threonine, Methionine, Histidine, Phenylalanine, Arginine, Isoleucine, Valine, Lysine, Leucine.

Valentin Atanasov
28 February 2022
Hello my name is Valentin Atanasov from Bulgaria. How much cost one backet and could you send it to Bulgaria, Kavarna city 9650, 55 Stefan Karadja str. Thank you much
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