IdealBee Protein Powder

52% Crude Protein. Natural pollen replacer. Scientifically created to provide complete nutrition for bees.

  • Increases bees performance;
  • Contains only plant ingredients;
  • Tested and approved protein product for bees;
  • Various types of administration;
  • Support the bee to build colonies in late winter or early spring;
  • Helps in supplementing the amino acid deficiency;

As such: dry form, the powder can be administered if the outside temperature is suitable for bee feeding. Place the powder in a container that allows access to bees, a place protected from wind, rain, dew, moisture.
In syrup: 350gr IdealBee protein powder in 10kg syrup sugar/honey/other commercial syrups.Mix until the product is completely homogenized.
In candies: mix 175 g IdealBee Protein Powder / 825 g carbohydrates (various combinations of honey, HFCS, sugar), at temperatures up to 40°C, consistency of paste that is applied in bags or sheets of waxed paper on the upper sides of frames.

Other details:
Storage conditions: 0°C to +30°C.
Shelf life: 12 months

20 kg/bag

Processed products from cereals and vegetables: (inactive yeast, corn, wheat, peas, sunflower, rapeseed).
Potassium sorbate, citric acid, lactic acid.
Essential oils: rapeseed and sunflower.

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