Our mission

„The key of a successful business is represented by its strong values together with a rigorous code of conduct. All of these can be found at the core of the Cirast/Dulcofruct Company.” Răzvan Ciobotaru (General Manager)


The beekeeping market is in a permanent state of change, the innovation is essential for the ascent of a company. For 10 years we have been relating to the future and we are always up to date, we anticipate the requirements of our customers and satisfy their needs.


At the business core stands the development of the activity with integrity, and the Cirast/Dulcofruct team coordination is made in a ethic mode. The moral values assure honesty, respect for our collaborators and total transparency.

Shared prosperity

A successful business means advantages and creating opportunities of development for others, that’s why we believe in mutual prosperity: producer – distributor – beekeeper.