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Protect your bees against pesticides and neonicotinoids

Fight against the “Colony Collapse Disorder”

  • The toxicity level is 3 NPP very deadly for the bees
  • Neonicotinoids remain on the hive for 150 days
  • It can be poisoned by swallowing and by direct contact (from the infested nectar, and in the morning by absorbing the water from the contaminated leafs
  • The poisoning takes place from March to September
  • The mortality rate can be seen by the naked eye (2-4 bees/square meter);
  • The honey reserve from the hive can cause high mortality if infected

You can reduce this phenomenon by removing all the honey and the pollen from the hive hygienize the hive and feed them with “DULCOFRUCT” products then treat it with “ProBiotic Dulcofruct”.


Can be successfully used with DULCOFRUCT stimulants:

  • 2g Probiotic Dulcofruct /1 kg stimulant or
  • 2g Probiotic Dulcofruct /100 ml spray the solution on the frame

The advantages / benefits of using “ProBioTic – DULCOFRUCT”

  • Helps to prevent CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder) syndrome
  • Contains a number of bacteria that Favors the bee’s organism to destroy the chemicals  that are found in pesticides and neonicotinoids
  • Stimulates the intestinal flora of the bee
  • Good help to assimilate nutrients
  • Improves immunity.

Fig. 1 – Before treatment: You can observe by microscope a rupture of the cytoplasm due to the infestation of the crops with pesticides

Fig. 2 – After the treatment: You can observe at a cellular level the re-build of the cytoplasm after 8 days of treatment with “ProBiotic DULCOFRUCT”

NEW! The Dulcofruct products DO NOT contain heavy metals, neonicotinoids, pesticides and aflatoxins.

Additional information

Weight 0.03 kg

You can buy Dulcofruct products at the following points of sale:

FARMAFELY VET 2000 SRL  punct lucru Bacău, Bvd Unirii, nr.15

API – MED & EST SRL Str. Câmpului, nr. 12, Loc. Oţelu Rosu, jud. Caras Severin

APICOLA 96 SRL Slobozia, Str. Matei Basarab, bl A5, parter, Judeţul Ialomita

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APICOLA SRL Baia Mare, Judetul Maramureş, B-dul Traian Nr. 12,

APICOLA SRL Buzău, Str. Ion Băieşu, bl. B1-B2 parter

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