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APIPOLLEN SUBSTITUTE was specially created by the R&D department like a replacer of nature pollen by guarantying the qualitative development of the bee colonies no matter the weather conditions. It is a complex product that has the main advantage that the ingredients are perfectly balanced and adapted to the need of the bees without any lack or excess.

Contains: Soy and Yeast Protein (51% Protein), vitamins: B1, B2, B6, B12, PP, C, A, D3,E; mineral complex: Ca, Mg, Fe, Cu, Zn, Mn, Co, P, vegetable fats, essential herbal plant oils, citricacid, antioxidants, probiotics bacteria.


How to use:                                       

Dry state: Place the product in a recipient with orifices trough the bees circulate, provided with a few wood pieces or nonskid material, in order to help them take shelter. Administer 700 grams ApiPollen Substitute / bee family, protecting the product from wind and wetness.

Mixed with sugars:                                         

Cakes: mix 200 grams/800 grams sugars(different combination between honey, HFCS, sugar), at temperature of up until 40°C, paste consistency that applies in bag or waxed paper sheets, on the top of frames.

Syrups: mix 100 grams/1kilo of syrup(ApiNectar) and, sugar, HFCS, it will be used in stimulation syrup being administered in the feeder.

Like special food for pollen substitute. 



Protects the intestinal flora and increases the food assimilation;

Contains only easy digestible perfect balanced elements, free residues;

Fast increase of the colony’s power by production of vitellogenin extremely necessary for larvae and the brood;

Various types of administration.

Observation: DO NOT  leave it in the hive when there is NO brood.


More details:

Shelf life: 12 months;

Storage conditions: 0°C to +30°C;

Logistics details: 2 kilo/bucket, 120 pieces/pallet / 7 kilos/bucket, 48 pieces/pallet.


You can buy Dulcofruct products at the following points of sale:

FARMAFELY VET 2000 SRL  punct lucru Bacău, Bvd Unirii, nr.15

API – MED & EST SRL Str. Câmpului, nr. 12, Loc. Oţelu Rosu, jud. Caras Severin

APICOLA 96 SRL Slobozia, Str. Matei Basarab, bl A5, parter, Judeţul Ialomita

APICOLA 97 SRL Constanţa, Str. Ferdinand nr 94, bl F19A

APICOLA SRL Baia Mare, Judetul Maramureş, B-dul Traian Nr. 12,

APICOLA SRL Buzău, Str. Ion Băieşu, bl. B1-B2 parter

APICOLA SRL Caransebeş Loc. Reșița, Calea Orşovei, nr. 4

APICOLA SRL Oradea, Judeţul Bihor, Str. General Magheru, bl. M 9-11

APICOLA SRL Piatra Neamţ, B-dul.Traian, nr. 1, bloc S1

APICOLA SRL Reşiţa, Judetul Caraș-Severin, Reşiţa, Str. I.L.Caragiale Nr. 3,

APICOLA SRL Satu Mare, str. Henri Coandă bloc D 1 parter

APICOLA SRL Suceava, Curtea Domnească nr. 5, bl. 14, sc L,

APICOLA SRL TÂRGOVIŞTE, B-dul Independenţei Bloc 6 A

APICOLA SRL Tulcea, Str. Babadag Bloc 8

APICOLA SRL VRANCEA, Str. Republicii Nr. 43, Focșani

APICOLA SRL Zalău, B-dul Mihai Viteazu nr. 3 Bloc D, parter, județul Sălaj


APIMUS Târgu Ocna, Str. C. Negri, nr. G7, Judeţul Bacău


DEPOZIT CIRAST, Vâlcele, Focșani

DOLMEN – Magazinul Apicultorului, Str. Colonel Simionescu Sava Nr 12 A (VIS AVIS DE FIZIO MED), Bârlad

FARMAFELY VET 2000 SRL, str. Crinului nr. 6, Pitesti, Arges

SC APICOGAL PROD SRL Galaţi, Strada Brăilei, Bl DR, nr 50, parter,

SC PLĂCEREA NATURII SRL, Călimăneşti Str. Horia, Nr 60, județul Vâlcea,

STUPARUL MAG, Ulmetu, jud. Vâlcea, Str. Principală, nr. 98,

TEOROBERT SRL – Magazinul Apicultorului Craiova, Str. Nicolae Iorga 132,

UNICUB – Ferma Apicola Merişani, Str. Codrului; Nr 10, Magurele, Ilfov