The bees are amazing insects that live where life exists, where there are humans and plants no matter the race or the zone, the beekeepers want their bees to have good results to create a profit.

Dulcofruct Company is exporting products in EU making numerous partnerships for long term, proving to our collaborators our values: integrity, innovation and mutual prosperity.

We are searching for disributors/partners together to create opportunities for beekeepers and bees, to bring their activity to the next level. We are waiting for you to join our “Bee Here” network.


We have collaborations with partners from:




Bitė Tuk

Republic of Ireland

Irish Bee Hives

Republic of Moldova

InterSIS – 45 srl

In our mission to offer the romanian beekeepers solutions for qualitative, correct and profitable feeding, DULCOFRUCT developed a consistent national presence, having partnerships with our collaborators from all over the country.