“European Beekeeper Card” Fidelity program Official regulation

Chapter 1. Founder and the official regulation of the ‘European Beekeeper’ card project

This fidelity program is organized and carried out by SC CIRAST SRL, based in Golestii de Sus Village, Cotesti Commune, Vrancea County, Romania.

Participants in this program are required to comply with the terms and conditions of the Official Regulations, according to those mentioned below.

Official Regulations is available to any participant in the consultation program in all stores participating in the project.

The founder reserves the right to modify or change this Regulation, following the amendment enters into force only after the announcement and presentation of these changes publicly. The program will operate according to the Official Regulations.


Chapter 2. Areas were the project can be found

The fidelity program is organized and carried out in shops across Romania that take part in Project.


Chapter 3. Duration of program:

The fidelity program started on 05.04.2015 and has an indefinite term.

The supplier has the right to decide at any moment the ceasing of the project.


Chapter 4. The program objective: To provide loyalty points (their value in money) for the card holders

The objective of the program is the sale of participating products in the project and accumulation of fidelity points , and spend their value in money accumulated on the card through Partner Shops –that take part in the” European Beekeeper ” program network.


Chapter 5. Conditions of participation:

Any person domiciled in Romania and aged at least 14 years may be a member of the fidelity program. Exceptions are employees and employees of partner shops CIRAST distributors / users. Anyone who buys items from partner stores, with their first acquisition, unconditionally enters into the fidelity program “European Beekeeper”. You can enter the fidelity program only by completing and signing the form of adhesion once, the buyer will receive the card immediately in the store. The participant is required to complete the full adhesion with real data and legible writing. The form of adhesion in the program is completed and delivered to the sales staff.

The buyer will receive the fidelity card instantly. The card becomes active after its first purchase. Forms containing incomplete or unsigned are considered invalid and will not receive the card. By joining the program, participants declare that they agree with its rules and that their personal details (including address) to be processed, to enter into the project database and to receive information material by any means of communication (fax, post, email, SMS, etc.) from the Supplier. SC CIRAST SRL undertakes to respect their rights under the law 677/2001 and will use the database to send correspondence and to compile statistical reports. Personal data provided will not be disseminated to third parties. At the written request of the participant, dated and signed, sent to the headquarters, SC CIRAST SRL undertakes:

  • To correct, update, delete or transform into anonymous data, free of charge, the data whose processing does not comply with Law no. 677/2001 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data;
  • To stop processing personal data of the applicant.


Chapter 6. How it works

Any card owner benefits immediately of fidelity points after their first purchase with the card (its value in money). The buyer has to present its card before the issuing of the tax receipt. The fidelity card holder is entitled to participate in promotional campaigns organized for them and can benefit from offers / special discounts. Fidelity points cannot be awarded without presenting the card.


Chapter 7. The fidelity card ‘European Beekeeper’

At the program’s basis is the ‘European Beekeeper’ card available for all the customers. Every participant has the right of one card.

Forgery is punishable under the card any laws. SC CIRAST SRL reserves the right to disable any fidelity card “European Beekeeper”.


Chapter 8. Usage of the ‘European Beekeeper’ fidelity card

To benefit from the fidelity points the customers will have to announce the beginning that they are” European Beekeeper” cardholder s . Access to fidelity points is possible only in the store where the” European Beekeeper” card was issued.


Chapter 9. Cards: damaged, lost or stolen

If a “European Beekeeper” card is damaged, lost or stolen, the owner must announce the store where it was issued and has to complete Annex 4 in which it will apply for the new card and reintroduce the points from the old card to the new one. Along with the annex, the customer name, dealer’s name and other identifying data of the cardholder shall be communicated to the headquarters. The participant who loses the card or it is stolen, is entitled to a new card that can be obtained within 30 days from the date of signing the application.


Chapter 10. Customer service

Card holders may obtain information regarding the operation and use of fidelity card program by calling the telephone number +40 237-252240 / 0736-617125, normal taxes. Also in this issue, the cardholder will announce without delay any change of personal information, including address changes and also will report the loss, theft or damage of fidelity card. In order to protect the personal data of participants in loyalty program headquarters will require certain information to establish the identity of the customer.


Chapter 11. Personal data protection:

By signing the entry form, the participant agrees that his data filled in the application form to enter the database of the project “European Beekeeper”, registered within the National Supervisory Authority for Personal Data Processing as personal data operator under no…. Participant agrees that the information filled in the coupon to be used for statistical purposes and direct marketing activities and to receive information material. The participant has a right of access, intervention and opposition of personal data communicated by law 677/2001. Official Rules are available free of charge to any participant in the program in all partner stores and on Facebook www.facebook.com/Cirast-Dulcofruct.

For further information you can visit the website www.cirast.com by participating in this program, participants agree to respect and comply with the terms and conditions of the Official Rules.

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