#SMAkujemydlaMai Przedsiębiorstwo ŁYSOŃ Tomasz

Dulcofruct Team accepted the challenge and… let’s fight for life!

Bees are the Earth’s protector!

Together we support beekeeping!


Movement for the environment!

On Earth Day,  Dulcofruct team planted an acacia forest with joy and many smiles!

This initiative came to help the bees next season and to protect the environment!

Plant trees, save bees!

Together we support beekeeping!

Dulcofruct rewards you!


From 25.11.2015, Cirast – Dulcofruct company starts the “DULCOFRUCT REWARDS YOU!” campaign. Each solid bee fodd product will be accompanied by a scratch ticket that can offer our customers over 2500 awards.

10 losing tickets will be completed with your personal data and will be deposited on an envelope, in the specially designed Dulcofruct urn, which can be found in the beekeepers store. The extraction will take place at Easter holidays.

Best of luck!